SubTone is presented by Brothers in Harmony | flyer & poster design before 2012 by Jarr Geerligs after 2012 by Martin Pyper / mestudio (scroll to the right and up and down to see more >>>>>)
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theme's Summer Cruizin, Close Encounters of the musical kind, Tres Modern, 120 BPM Street, Waxwash, Boombox city, Magnetic Remix. Guest dj's Boddhi Satva from Vega Records, Andre Torquato from Nomumbah, Ode to Vocals on Vinyl, Let the rhythm beat you up, A queen in every girl, new forms new sounds, tribe records, Soul in modern shapes and sounds, Club Havana, Toko MC, play on & on & on
Jarr Geerligs Brothers in Harmony buyticket_orange.png